About Us

Race Communications is diversified in many fields such as Phone, Data, Fiber, Cameras, Access Control, Audio/Video and more. We provide services for the entire state of Oklahoma. We are  interested in growing our industry to make Oklahoma a top leader in the field of technology. Race McDoulett , owner of Race Communications, started his technical career at Cox Communications until he had an opportunity to step away and fulfill his dream of being an entrepreneur Established in, April of 2001 and in the industry since 1993 we feel we have the experience and know how to fulfill your business needs in our field of expertise. Race Communications Inc is certified, insured, and holds a state license.

We feel that there is no task too big or too small when it comes to our industry, we have done everything from hospitals to house holds. We know that whatever your need is we can fulfill it with fast dependable service and at a reasonable rate. Our team knows how to handle issues like difficult structures, roofs, walls, and multiple story buildings where most companies and service provider technicians can’t or won’t do it, due to the time frames, lack of experience and/or  the sheer difficulty of the job. Our experience and determination gets you what you want! Don’t hesitate to call and get a free quote on what you need done, Race Communications can do it!