Access Control

Race Communications installs access control systems that  fit various types of applications such as, commercial, industrial, and residential. This article will explain the mechanical concept and electromechanical concept of both.

Access Control is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility. . Historically this was partially accomplished through keys and locks. When a door is locked only someone with a key can enter through the door depending on how the lock is configured. Mechanical locks and keys do not allow restriction of the key holder to specific times or dates. Mechanical locks and keys do not provide records of the key used on any specific door and the keys can be easily copied or transferred to an unauthorized person. When a mechanical key is lost or the key holder is no longer authorized to use the protected area, the locks must be re-keyed.


Race Communications can solve these problems by installing a certified electronic access control system and hardware which allows YOU to control who, what, when, and where people need to access any part of your facility with the most current technology with a control panel system and multiple types of power supplies, door locks, electronic strikes, motion detection, proximity card readers, panic and request to exit buttons, crash bars and more……Don’t forget about our other services like CCTV/ Cameras!!!