Network Closet Cleanup

Wiring Maintenance

Over time, network cables can become a tangled mess.

Messy network closets, racks, and switches are more than just an eyesore - they’re a disaster waiting to happen! A clean and organized closet keeps your hardware and business running efficiently!

Network Closet Cleanup - Race Communications
Network Closet Cleanup - Race Communications

We keep your network closet healthy

Here's what we do to clean your server room:

Dust: We wipe down floor & equipment surfaces with a static-free, lint-free cloth.

Cable Chaos: Unmanaged cabling obstruct cool, dry air from reaching your equipment. We arrange cables in manageable bundles along rack framing.

Rack Layout: We evaluate & reorganize your server, switch & storage components and the power, cabling, and environmental equipment.

Batteries: We relocate batteries to keep them cool, run tests & check for signs of swelling or damage.

Workspace: Since space is usually limited. We eliminate everything unnecessary to make it easier to maintain.

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